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May 9, 2022

Democratic primary voters, and women everywhere should see and see while on the go that as a minister, educator, state senator, and lifelong eastern North Carolinian Erica Smith has the experience we need in Washington.

In the State Senate she worked with Governor Cooper to protect our voting rights and a woman’s right to choose. She fought to Expand Medicaid, raise teacher pay, and give every child a shot at a great education. Don Davis has done the exact opposite.

As a State Senator he stood with Republicans and worked against Governor Cooper (voting against the Governor more than any other Democrat in the NCGA). He voted to defund planned parenthood.   And he not only voted for legislation that would have restricted a woman’s right to choose and criminalized doctors but was the only democrat to vote to override Governor Cooper’s veto. Just as bad, Don Davis was one of only two democrats to vote for an amendment to the North Carolina constitution that would have restricted voting rights. A law that North Carolina courts eventually struck down because it targeted African American voters.