Indigenous Communities

I have worked in a Haliwa Saponi school in rural North Carolina and represented tribal communities in eastern North Carolina. I have seen first hand the need for strong governmental support for Native American treaty and sovereign rights. The Red Deal (proposed by Red Nation) provides a strong framework for ending our oppression of tribal communities and instead, investing in them and giving them and providing the necessary resources. Time and time again, our government has chosen corporate interests over the well-being of Native communities. We must begin to prioritize the well-being of Native populations and Native lands first and foremost. 

Our country exists on stolen ground and generations of violence against native people and communities cannot be left unaddressed. From fossil fuel companies to prisons, our government has spent money on systems and groups that have oppressed indigenous communities rather than invested in those communities. It’s past time we invest in healthcare, education, and job creation. 

We need to ensure that in our re-imagining of public safety we eliminate any oppression of Tribal populations. We need to establish a national policy focusing on self-determination, land restoration, and treaty rights for Native Americans. We need to initiate a complete moratorium of fossil fuel extraction of Native land. We must do what we can to create a trust between our Native American communities and the United States government, better the quality of life, and expand opportunity in these communities.