Rural Healthcare

Let me be very clear, you should not have to live in an urban center or in a surrounding suburb to have access to a hospital. Since 2005, 180 rural hospitals have closed nationally, 11 here in North Carolina. This deserves more attention and it also deserves action from our government. Healthcare is a human right, not a means of profit.  It’s true that rural hospitals have become increasingly less profitable, but that misses the point. Their job isn’t to be profitable, it’s to provide healthcare. 

The federal government needs to provide the necessary funding to ensure that these hospitals can stay open and serve rural communities. I refuse to accept a reality in which millions of Americans have to drive hours to get to an emergency room because it’s been decided that locating hospitals solely in cities is more economically convenient. Our universal broadband plan will also help with rural healthcare as we seek to make telemedicine more accessible and available to folks in rural communities.