We need a people-first approach to immigration. We are a nation composed of immigrants and built by immigrants who all too often were discriminated against and persecuted because they came from foreign shores. Immigrants make our country stronger, they make our communities safer and they make our economy more prosperous. By installing a humane border policy, by supporting central America and by providing an accessible pathway to citizenship, we can move closer to actually becoming the country that refugees think we are while they risk everything to  arrive on our shores.

North Carolina is a state of immigrants. One in every fifteen North Carolinians are foreign-born. All North Carolinians, other than the Native population, are descended from immigrants, whether they settled here seeking economic opportunities and social freedoms or were brought here in chains. All of our ancestors have been instrumental in making North Carolina into the prosperous and diverse state it has become. In many ways, our campaign is about extending this sentiment to the immigrants of today; about believing in a North Carolina that understands the value of immigrants in our past, present and future.

In order to do this, we need to dispel the misconception that immigrants are a burden on our economy. Immigrants are an integral element of North Carolina’s economy.  More than 44% of all North Carolina residents working in farming, fishing, and forestry occupations are immigrants. Immigrant labor raises the productivity of our companies and lowers the cost of goods for our citizens. We should be more worried about our government’s treatment of immigrants than immigrant labor negatively affecting our economy. We need to embrace the fact that immigrants and their families in the United States have an inherent dignity and are completely deserving of human rights. 

It is unacceptable to keep immigrant children in cages. It is unacceptable to let immigrants starve in the desert as they seek a better life. We need to reduce automatic removal and detention of migrants and restore due process for immigrants. We need to create an equitable roadmap towards full citizenship and ensure a humane border policy for those who cross the border without established citizenship. 


  1. Medicare for All
  2. Green New Deal
  3. Universal Broadband
  4. Racial Justice
  5. The Dignity of Work
  6. Immigration
  7. Early Education
  8. Rural Healthcare
  9. Common Sense Gun Reform
  10. Canceling Student Loan Debt
  11. Higher Education + Job Training
  12. Lowering Prescription Drug Prices
  13. Foreign Policy
  14. Criminal Justice Reform
  15. A Blue New Deal
  16. U.S.P.S.
  17. Indigenous Communities
  18. Federal Court Reform
  19. LGBTQ+ Rights
  20. Agriculture
  21. Universal Basic Income