Criminal Justice Reform

It is one of the most inexcusable horrors of the American Criminal Justice program that people profit from the incarceration of human beings. One of my first priorities as a Senator will be eliminating for-profit private prisons. I am committed to dismantling our system of mass incarceration, federally legalizing marijuana, and eliminating the discrimination against black and brown people in our prison system. We need to end the war on drugs, which disproportionately affects communities of color. We need to ensure that our juries are representative and reflect our communities and are not vulnerable to bias. And we need to offer a path forward to those who have been incarcerated. When incarcerated people return to everyday life, they are systematically disenfranchised. It is extremely difficult for them to find safe, good-paying jobs and to participate in our political system. We must restore voting rights for incarcerated people and invest in jobs that hire previously incarcerated people. We must ban the box and end cash bail, two policies that have little to do with the enforcement of the law and a lot to do with the criminalization of poverty. If we don’t work to create realistic paths forward for the previously incarcerated community, we will continue to see high rates of recidivism, and we will reinforce the existence of a permanent population of people unjustly trapped between prison and poverty. 


  1. Medicare for All
  2. Green New Deal
  3. Universal Broadband
  4. Racial Justice
  5. The Dignity of Work
  6. Immigration
  7. Early Education
  8. Rural Healthcare
  9. Common Sense Gun Reform
  10. Canceling Student Loan Debt
  11. Higher Education + Job Training
  12. Lowering Prescription Drug Prices
  13. Foreign Policy
  14. Criminal Justice Reform
  15. A Blue New Deal
  16. U.S.P.S.
  17. Indigenous Communities
  18. Federal Court Reform
  19. LGBTQ+ Rights
  20. Agriculture
  21. Universal Basic Income