Canceling Student Loan Debt

Wall Street has received bailout after bailout. This time, Main Street deserves a bailout. Today, the average college debt among student loan borrowers is more than $32,000. This issue also disproportionately affects Black women, with no other group in America carrying more debt. Student debt is magnifying the income inequality crisis in America and we can truly transform our economy by canceling it.

This is a simply insupportable status quo.  We need to cancel every last dollar of student debt in this country. Inflated prices and predatory loans are weighing down our economy, exacerbating inequality and further delaying racial justice. Black women carry more student loan debt than We are facing a student debt crisis and the solution is clear. We must cancel it.


  1. Medicare for All
  2. Green New Deal
  3. Universal Broadband
  4. Racial Justice
  5. The Dignity of Work
  6. Immigration
  7. Early Education
  8. Rural Healthcare
  9. Common Sense Gun Reform
  10. Canceling Student Loan Debt
  11. Higher Education + Job Training
  12. Lowering Prescription Drug Prices
  13. Foreign Policy
  14. Criminal Justice Reform
  15. A Blue New Deal
  16. U.S.P.S.
  17. Indigenous Communities
  18. Federal Court Reform
  19. LGBTQ+ Rights
  20. Agriculture
  21. Universal Basic Income