I grew up on a family farm in rural North Carolina. Even then, it was hard on small farms. There were years that despite all of us putting in long hours and hard work, we still went into the red. Since then, it’s only gotten harder on family farms like ours. 

Our right to clean air and clean water is under attack by a government that has allowed corporate polluters to harm the very resources our work relies on. We’ve seen weakened monopoly laws allow Big Ag to write the rules to the industry at the expense of farms like my family’s. No more. I will not allow us to be punished or pushed around. I will not allow our income and our way of life to vanquish. 

I will take on Big Ag, the farm conglomerates that benefited at the expense of small family farms. I will take on corporate polluters, who’ve dirtied our air and our water. I will take on any member of congress who is not ready and willing to lend small farmers the support they require to feed America and provide for their families.

As is so often the case in America, a shift that has harmed everyone has disproportionately harmed Black Americans. In 1920, there were 1 million Black farmers in America. Today, there are about 50,000. Black farmers have been systemically driven out of the industry by Big Ag and by descrimination. I’ve been encouraged by the Biden administration’s efforts to ensure that Black farmers get the resources they need. I would sign on to the Justice for  Black Farmers Act and continue to monitor the department of agriculture to ensure that there is no descrimination or bias or favors granted to big ag at the expense of family farms and Black farmers. 

By encouraging big retailers to purchase from small farms, investing in regenerative agriculture, by providing capital for farmers markets, and re-writing the farm bill to invest in family farms rather than subsidize corporations we can change farming across the country. We can address the challenge of food deserts and our health by embracing small farms and the produce they have to offer. We can create healthier communities, we can save our planet and we can create a new generation of family farms, more profitable than ever before. I will fight to usher in a golden age for small farmers.


  1. Medicare for All
  2. Green New Deal
  3. Universal Broadband
  4. Racial Justice
  5. The Dignity of Work
  6. Immigration
  7. Early Education
  8. Rural Healthcare
  9. Common Sense Gun Reform
  10. Canceling Student Loan Debt
  11. Higher Education + Job Training
  12. Lowering Prescription Drug Prices
  13. Foreign Policy
  14. Criminal Justice Reform
  15. A Blue New Deal
  16. U.S.P.S.
  17. Indigenous Communities
  18. Federal Court Reform
  19. LGBTQ+ Rights
  20. Agriculture
  21. Universal Basic Income