A Blue New Deal

The harm caused by a century of indifference to our climate and prioritization of Big Oil at the expense of workers and the environment has decimated the natural ecosystem of our oceans and the workers who rely on it. 

The flooding and eroding of our coasts is a threat to everyone who lives in our coastal communities. The fight against the climate crisis cannot occur solely here on land. 71% of our planet is water and from plastic that’s been dumped to the repercussion of oil leaks, overfishing, and carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, our oceans have been severely damaged. 

A Blue New Deal, investing in climate-friendly fisheries and wind energy will create hundreds of thousands of jobs. The investment in regenerative ocean farming, protecting and restoring ocean habitats, climate-smart ports, and an expansion of marine protected areas is not only the right thing to do for our planet and our economy but necessary if we’re serious about protecting our communities and addressing the climate crisis.