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Our diverse, working class coalition will create a North Carolina that works for everyone.

Meet Erica

An educator, a minister, a State Senator, and a mother of four, Erica Smith has spent her life fighting for working people across North Carolina. Having grown up on a family farm and represented rural North Carolina in the state senate, Erica’s passionate about uniting a diverse coalition of working North Carolinians behind a bold platform for progress.

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Platform for Progress

Working people across North Carolina and across America are struggling. They deserve representatives who will offer up policies, not platitudes, and fight for an agenda bold enough and big enough to lift them up. I’ve lived that struggle and I know what a difference it could make to so many if we re-engineered our government to work for the people. Policy is personal to me and that’s why I’ll fight tirelessly to deliver real solutions to the very real problems that real people are facing.

  1. The Dignity of Work
  2. Higher Education + Job Training
  3. Racial Justice
  4. U.S.P.S.
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